It all started with a clear vision, paired with a heap of dreams, and a lot of hard work.

An economically independent family business 

Founding PM-International 27 years ago laid the foundation towards materializing my vision for a company and fulfilling many dreams. It was a particular concern of mine to give everyone the opportunity to become financially independent, regardless of their social or professional background, just like it was given to me.

With the help of our innovative products, you can start a new, exciting journey. Fulfill your own dreams and set your own goals with PM-International.

Together, we hold the key to a brighter future. Whether you are thinking of an additional income or your own business, PM-International allows you to become a part of one of the fastest growing markets of the 21st century. Whatever your personal goals are, you are welcome to, be part of the PM-International family and join us on our journey to worldwide market leadership in the development and distribution of high-quality products for health, fitness, and beauty.

Rolf Sorg

Founder & CEO of PM-International AG


Worldwide market leadership in the development and distribution of high-quality products for health, fitness, and beauty.

PM-International set out to take the lead in the international distribution of premium, cutting- edge products for health, fitness and beauty - from inside and out.

The foundation of PM-International‘s success starts with a unique product philosophy. We develop innovative products that clearly contribute to what everyone desires: 

  • Better quality of life thanks to improved well-being and better performance;
  • Greater enjoyment of life through an improved and more youthful appearance

We focus on the premium segment of the market and innovative product concepts that stand out from the rest.

Our distribution system guarantees the success of the company by rewarding everyone who contributes to its prosperity.


A solid company,  ranked among the best worldwide

Economically independent, PM-International possesses a sound financial base. Our equity ratio is over 60% – about twice as high as the average equity capital of other medium-sized companies, which has earned us a triple A+ rating.

Rapid and stable company growth is definitely an attention-getter. Based on our significant and growing revenue, since 2011, PM-International has been recognized as one the Top 100 Direct Sales companies worldwide (out of approximately 22,000 companies), ranked 13th in 2020.

Dun & Bradstreet, one of the world’s leading business information companies, rates PM-International with 99 out of 100 points.**

PM-International was elected as one of the TOP 100 most innovative German companies more than 15 times since 2002.

PM-International was crowned “Company of the Year” by the Network Marketing Magazine Netcoo in 2013/2014 and
again in 2018/2019. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 PM-International received the German Brand Award for outstanding brand management.


A solid company, ranked among the best worldwide

Our vision and mission resulted in numerous awards and prizes for PM-International and its Founder and CEO, Rolf Sorg.

FitLine brand winner in the category Excellent Brands Health & Pharmaceuticals for the third consecutive year
EY Entrepreneur of the year 2016
Awarded for the third time in company history by German trade magazine Netcoo
Ranking among the top innovators for the 18th time
Member of the WSDA

PM-International is also a member of the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations). All members commit to comply with specified standards of conduct in the interest of Customers and Team Partners.

Moreover Rolf Sorg was elected to the WFDSA CEO council by his peers, where he helps shape the future of Direct Selling around the world.


A family business

PM-International is a direct sales company in the areas of health, fitness, and beauty.

We offer premium quality nutritional supplements for the inside with FitLine (basic and specific supplementation, weight management products, sport products) and cosmetic products for the outside, with FitLine med and skin.

Founded in 1993 by Rolf Sorg, PM-International understood how to combine the exact key elements that make up a successful company: unique and innovative product concepts as well as highly-efficient network marketing.

This made PM-International rapidly and significantly grow to reach an annual turnover of US $1.72 billion in 2020, and become one of the world’s top 25 direct sales companies, based on revenue.

Despite the astounding growth rate and its current size, PM-International has remained a family business.

Founder and CEO Rolf Sorg has not only stayed on top of the strategic focus since the beginning but he is also involved in decisions affecting the day-to-day life of thousands of distributors all around the world.

PM- INTERNATIONAL Based on our significant and growing revenue, since 2011, PM-International has been recognized as one the Top 100 Direct Sales companies worldwide and is currently ranked 13th in 2020.


Over 40 subsidiaries and distribution partners in over 40 different countries

The company's international headquarters is based in Luxemburg, regional Headquarters in Europa, Asia and Americas.

International Headquarters, Luxembourg
Headquarters Europe, Germany
Headquarters Asia-Pacific, Singapore
Headquarters Americas, Florida, USA

Our partnership with World Vision 

With every FitLine product sold, PM-International gives an ‘Hour of Life’ to children and better chances while growing up.

Commitment for a Better World

PM-International commits to changing people’s lives for the better. We put this principle into practice even beyond our day to day business.

We share the value of building a sustainable future with the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision. Our long and trusted partnership has dedicated itself to helping children, their families and whole communities around the world, including Ghana, Cambodia, and India. Currently, we are happy to sponsor 2,300 children with a total donation sum of $648,000 for 2019.

Every product sold by PM-International gives children an “Hour of Life” and better chances while growing up. We hope to continue to expand our charity cooperation to sponsor at least 10,000 children one day, because we believe in helping them shape our future.

Sharing a core value with World Vision gives us the opportunity to permanently improve the children’s lives for a better future step-by-step.

In 2003, we started a partnership with the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision.

We empower, engage, educate 

After various emergency donations and individual projects, PM-International CEO and founder Rolg Sorg and his  wife Vicki Sorg wanted to focus their energy on a long-term commitment.

Together towards a brighter future 

  • With our charity foundation PM We Care, PM-International engages in charitable projects for almost 20 years.
  • Long term we aim to sponsor 10.000 children.
  • By sponsoring children, we help their families and entire communities long-term.
Every child has the right to develop in the best possible way. By doing what we love every single day, bringing the products and our business opportunity into the world, we can make a difference. I am so happy and privileged to be a part of that and I am thankful for everyone contributing to PM We Care.  
Vicki Sorg 

Charity Ambassador at PM-International

Your success with PM-International


"Behind every great achievement stands a dream that has become reality.”


A successful concept

The distribution system chosen by PM-International deliberately abandons traditional distribution methods and relies instead on direct contact with

the consumer. This allows first-hand communication of product advantages and results with customers.

Professor Dr. h.c. Lothar Späth
(a former Minister President in Germany) described the successful concept of PM-International as follows:  “Due to its marketing network that relies on independent distributors, the company is at the heartbeat of the customer”. He added: “This allows direct communication and fast response to the market needs.”


A fair and reliable compensation system

With PM-International, everybody has an equal opportunity to generate additional income, regardless of their social status, job, training or financial status. The only thing that matters is your willingness and desire to work.

Our distribution partners are free to invest as much time and energy into their activity with PM-International as they want, and there is nearly no limit to how much extra income they can generate.

The independent distribution partners are entitled to the support of a global team of experienced trainers, a network of subsidiaries and a tailored training program. Other benefits include incentives such as car and travel programs.

The German Appeals Court in Frankfurt officially confirmed the legality of the PM Marketing Plan on May 19, 2011.

In 2013, PM-International was rated for the first time by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV Hessen) as certified Direct Sales. The certification is verified once a year.


The Marketing Plan

A simple and fair business plan to build your own business with PM-International to become an independent entrepreneur.

Earn your way to the top and take full responsibility for the time and energy you invest into your business. Adapt your new business to your lifestyle and decide for yourself if you want to go full- time or part-time with PM-International.

With the innovative FitLine products and our USE – TALK - DEMO concept you  have everything you need to start your success story today. Everybody can do it independently from their education or profession. Risk-free, no strings attached. Earn 6 or more incomes simultaneously and take advantage of our luxurious car program and our exotic travel incentives.


A simple successful system

Success in direct sales is not a matter of luck and those who show extraordinary success deserve to be supported in a special way.

PM-International will provide you with regular training and sales academies.

These events serve to transfer the know-how and experience of our most successful people, motivate you to further success and support the development of your skills in direct sales.

Once a year, PM-International organizes very special trainings, or what we
call Leadership Training, and World Management Congress, for its top distributors to take them to even greater heights.


Car Incentive

Starting with the distributor level IMM (International Marketing Manager), you are eligible to participate in the car leasing program. We offer you an opportunity for the company to help you pay to drive a luxury vehicle for both personal and business use. With PM-International’s World Wide Car program you can drive the car of your dreams. As you climb the ranks, the higher the payment and more luxurious the car can be.


Travel Incentive

Earn amazing world class trips with PM-International’s travel incentives.

Embark on the holiday of your dreams and experience amazing beaches, beautiful sunny spots, crystal clear waters, unforgettable romantic sunsets, vacations with friends as well as relaxation and experiences at the highest level.

Every PM-International’s travel incentive
is unique, whether you join us to the most coveted resorts with our Europe Tour, to exotic, unbelievably beautiful locations with our World Tour, or even to Rolf and Vicki Sorg‘s private villa on the French Riviera for your personal recognition. “We are PM!”.

Three easy steps to success


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