FitLine microSolve® Hair+ (nutritional supplement)

Step 1 (first 90 days)

Fill the cap twice the mark (4.17 ml) and dissolve in a cool drink. Take it inmorning! You can also combine it with other FitLine products. For Step 1 the most convenient way  is to go with the set Phase 1.

Step 2  (ongoing use after the first 90 days)

Fillthe cap once to the mark (4,17 ml)and dissolve in a cool drink. Take it in the morning! You can also combine it with other FitLine products. For Step 2 the most convenient way is to go with the set Phase 2.

FitLine med microSolve® Hair+ (topical product for external use)

Use the product at least once a day. Part the hair on the areas where you notice hair loss and put the tip of the product bottle dirrectly on the scalp. By gently pressing the bottle , apply a small amount of the fluid directly on the scalp and massage (3-4 minutes). Remember the product is only effective at  the follicle of the hair! Be careful not  to put the product on the mid-lenghts of the hairs.

Tip: You can apply the product in the morning andafter 3-4minutesof reaction time you can continue with your general  hairstyling routine. Alternatively, you can also apply it before going to bed  letting it work overnight. Both options give  the same results. Remember, leavethe  formula on. Do  not rinse the product. Make sure to wait at least 2-3 hours in case you want to wash your hair after the application.

Remember, to obtain the best results, use  both products correcctly, continuously and in combination.

For a  perfect basics supply we recommend the Fitline Optimal Set.

Caution: Topical product is for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse throughly with plenty of water. Theseproducts are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.