Generation 50+


Specific nutrients for specific needs of golden agers.

FitLine Generation 50+: Coenzyme Q 10 from yeast fermentation; Omega 3 fatty acids from micro algae; Lutein from Targetes Erectra; Isoflavon from soy sporouts; RedGinseng special additive.

For your brain and heart:

  • Tailor Made Encapsulation. Omega 3 of microalgae
  • High Biovailable. Coenzym Q10 thanks to transfer technology
  • High Quality. Red Ginseng

For your vision:

  • Natural Lutein and Zeaxanthin Riboflavin, Vitamin A

For your hormonal activity:

  • Isoflavon from soy sprots

Red ginsegen - 3000 years of traditional use in Asia. Emperor Shen-Nung advoecated ginseng for the use in cases in hormonal activities.

FitLine  Generation 50+ as additive to FitLine PowerCocktail. How to use in the morning? 

  • add a sachet of FitLine PowerCockatil in the glass
  • add a sachet of FitLine Generation 50+ in the glass
  • mix the powder
  • add still water into the glass and mix it

INGREDIENTS:  acacia gum, seawee powder (corn syrop solids, oil from microalgae, modified strach, antioxidants (sodium ascorbate, tocopherol- rich extract, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid), stabilizer (tricalcium phosphate), emulsfier (mono and diglycerided of fatty acids)), natural flavour, coenzyme Q10 with y-cyclodextrin, soy germ extract powder, lutein (starch, glycose syrop, lutein, antioxidants (alpha tocopherol, sodium ascorbate)), acidifier (citric acid), red gingeng extract (maltodextrin, red gingseng extract), sweetener (steviol glycosides (steviol glycosides, flavour)).